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How is it i’ve only really hooked up with one person since being single, and yet i’m still looked at as if i’m some kinda player asshole just trying to sleep with everyone? Yeah, i appreciate a good looking girl, but that doesnt mean i’m trying to fuck her. I’m not the biggest fan of just random hookups, i like fuck buddies, i like having something consistent, i dont wanna just fuck a girl and then that be the end of it… I also think i’m almost to the point where i might be able to start looking for some kinda actual relationship. I take forever to get into one, so it’ll be quite a while until i actually get into one, but i’m almost to the point where i think i’d be ok spending time caring about another person..

Literally nothing i do helps, i’m still super sad, super lonely, and super fucking depressed. I cant fucking take it, it’s drivin me nuts.

I love that my friends instantly assume i just wanna sleep with every girl i talk to, and every girl I’m nice to. I’m a genuinely nice guy, why must i want to sleep with a girl in order to be nice to them.